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Tyrrell music google classroom

Music activity assignment: What is “theme and variations” in music?


Watch this short video as many times as you need to watch it. You can rewind or pause if necessary. try the follow
Answer the questions in the quiz.

You can email the quiz to me:
PBS Learning Media/Yankee Doodle Dandy

Mire este breve video tantas veces como sea necesario para verlo. Puede rebobinar o pausar si es necesario.
Responde las preguntas en el cuestionario.

PBS Learning Media/Yankee Doodle Dandy
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Quiz: (complete after watching the Theme and Variations video)

  1. What is the form of the piece that is played in the video? (choose one answer)



theme and variations

  1. What instrument is the soloist playing?




  1. What does tutti mean?

Each performer plays separately

The performers stop playing for a period of time

All performers play together at the same time

  1. What does variation mean in music?

Keeping all ideas the same with no changes.

Changing the main idea a little but still able to recognize the main theme.

Changing the main idea completely so you cannot recognize the main theme at all.

  1. Who is the soloist in this video performance?

the drummer

the performer at the end sitting in the chair

the cornet player standing up in front of the seated performers

  1. What type of instruments are these performers playing?

wind and string instruments

early brass and percussion instruments

string and brass instruments

  1. Why is the performer seated on the end waving his hand around?

He is keeping flies and other flying insects away from the performers while they play.

He is the conductor who keeps the tempo with his hand so that all performers play together at the same speed.

He likes to feel the music with his hand as a way to express his emotions.

  1. Did the tempo (speed) of the performance stay the same?

The musical tempo stayed the same during the entire performance.

The musical tempo began slowly and got faster at the end of the performance

The musical tempo began fast, then slowed down, then ended fast.

  1. How many different variations of the main theme did the soloist play during the piece?

4 variations

8 variations

3 variations

  1. What is your opinion of this piece of music? Did you enjoy the performance? Did you enjoy the style of music? Did you like the sound of the instruments used during this performance? Write five sentences describing your opinion of (liked or did not like) this performance and music. 


  1. Go to: Google Classroom
  2. Click JOIN where it says your classroom teacher’s name and “Music Class with Dr. Taylor”
  3. If you cannot enter the class, try the following:
  4. Select the plus + sign in the upper right corner of screen.
  5. Select JOIN
  6. Enter the code below under your teacher’s name


1. Vaya a: Google Classroom

2. Haga clic JOIN donde dice el nombre de su maestro de aula y "Clase de música con el Dr. Taylor"

3. Si no puede ingresar a la clase, intente lo siguiente:

4. Seleccione el signo más + en la esquina superior derecha de la pantalla.

5. Seleccione JOIN

6. Ingrese el siguiente código debajo del nombre de su maestro



Ms. Estupinian Rm K11 - ehzepbb

Ms. Rugley Rm K1 - cy7mieq

Ms. Segura Rm K6 - lvxef2g

Ms. Pendleton Rm K9 - heolh66

Ms. Gallagher Rm C29 - 6ycp3ws

Ms. Garcia Rm C30 – lwjnupf

Ms. Iscan Rm K10 – crvbfxa

Mr. Aban Rm C28 - nhhyp7t

Dr. Davis Rm D34 - nqtz6z5

Ms. Heinson Rm C32 - ny4jwxp

Ms. Jurado Rm D35 - zyqi4o5

Mr. Madeiros Rm C24 -thsgfu6

Mr. Reyes Rm D36 - l7ubcf6

Mrs. Hogerheide/Pendleton Rm B18/D37 - hnzq6a4

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